Campus News: Fanny Packs are Back!

September 26, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

by Bella B., Campus Correspondent

    Matthew McConaughey thinks fanny packs are cool.    
Alright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey proudly wears his fanny pack.
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We’ve had some fairly bizarre trends through the past years (I, myself have only experienced the odd ones from the 90’s). Like overalls with the one strap down, mood rings, bike shorts being a fashion statement, terry cloth wristbands and headbands, neon windbreakers, solid T-shirts under blazers, slap bracelets, and the fanny pack. Some of these fads have tried to come back in style but have failed. But over the past two years I have seen the fanny pack come back.

The fanny pack is becoming a popular accessory for sports fans. At tailgates many girls will wear them, having them decorated with their sorority name, school name, or a monogram. This is not just limited to female sports fans; even Matthew McConaughey is doing it!


    WMU Fanny Pack with Gold Glitter Flake Pre-Cuts    
Bella’s WMU fanny pack, decorated with Gold Glitter Flake™ pre-cut letters.

If you’re near a college campus, customized fanny packs could be a great new item to sell. Stahls’ offers a large variety of heat transfer materials that would complement a fanny pack of any color, plus pre-cut letters and numbers make it easy to customize with just a heat press.

I recently made my own fanny pack with my school’s initials using pre-cut Glitter Flake™ letters. So give fanny pack personalization a try. Sports fans, sorority members, and maybe even Matthew McConaughey will appreciate it!



Reflect Your Style Sense with CAD-CUT Reflective

September 19, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

by Bella B., Campus Correspondent


One big pattern I’ve seen on campus this year is the use of athletic wear: athletic shorts, T-shirts for teams, leggings, tennis shoes,  running jackets and even professional jerseys. I decided I should hop on the bandwagon and add some spice to my athletic wear.
Since it’s getting colder I chose to heat print a polyester quarter zip I bought a while back. I wanted to go with a simpler design in one of my favorite materials, Reflective!

Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Reflective heat transfer material is easy to cut and heat press and looks great on athletic and safety wear. It is recommended for cotton, polyester, nylon, and Cordura® fabrics.

Equipment Used: Roland® GX-24 vinyl cutter and Hotronix® Auto Clam heat press (I cut “WMU” over the summer at Stahls’ using CadworxLIVE® and a Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter)

Supplies: “WMU” CAD-CUT Reflective heat transfer design, Kraft Paper Cover Sheet and Print Perfect Pad

Step 1: While letting the heat press warm up, look up application instructions on for Reflective (the instructions can be found on the Reflective page and in the Help and Education section).

Time: 2 Seconds, peel warm, cover and seal 15 seconds
Temp: 330°F/165°C
Pressure: Medium

Step 2: Dress the lower platen with the quarter zip. Make sure that it is centered on the platen.

Step 3: Pre-heat the quarter zip. This small step will remove moisture and wrinkles from the garment.

Step 4: Insert a Print Perfect Pad where the design will be printed – the Print Perfect Pad only has to to be as big as the design. It will elevate your design above buttons, seams, and, in this case, the zipper, to get even pressure.

Step 5: Line “WMU” up on the quarter zip. I chose to put it in the middle between the shoulder blades, but with something this small you could place it other places as well, including on the arm, left chest, the front bottom right corner etc. The ideas truly are endless.

Step 6: Once “WMU” is centered on the quarter zip, make sure it was completely on the Print Perfect Pad, place a Kraft Paper Cover Sheet on top of the quarter zip, and close the heat press.

Step 7: After 2 seconds peel off the frosted carrier, put the cover sheet back on, and heat press it for an additional 15 seconds.

Step 8:  Remove the quarter zip from the heat press and show it off to the world!

If anyone has ever wanted to try and make something but did not have the time or is afraid it wouldn’t work out I am always up for suggestions or ideas for blogs.



New Interactive Fonts Make a Great Team (Uniform)

September 17, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

iGuardian Left and iGuardian Right combine to make a shield-like number design.

Sometimes awesome things are made even better when they’re paired up. Peanut butter is great on its own, but add jelly and you have a lunchroom staple. Batman fought plenty of crime on his own, but with Robin he formed a dynamic duo. Dean Martin was a heck of a singer, but paired with Jerry Lewis… well, the French love Jerry Lewis, so they probably think it was a great pair. The point is, sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

And so it is with Stahls’ new interactive pre-cut number fonts. These three fonts are actually six fonts: iGuardian Left, iGuardian Right, iViper Left, iViper Right, iPowerhouse Left, and iPowerhouse Right. Each pair of fonts can be used in four different combinations: two left numbers, two right numbers, one left and one right, or one right and one left. It’s not as confusing as it seems!


Take iGuardian, for example. You can create a uniform number using two digits of iGuardian Left or two digits of iGuardian Right. To help show how you can combine the fonts, we’re showing iGuardian Left in Columbia and White and iGuardian Right in Orange and White.



    iGuardian Left and Right Combined             iGuardian Right and Left combined    
Another combination is one digit in iGuardian Left and one in iGuardian Right, as shown in this picture. Combining left and right fonts creates a unique shield-like number design. The fourth combination is to use iGuardian Right for the first digit and iGuardian Left for the second. This creates a wing-like effect, or as one colleague called it, “flying buttresses” (she’s kind of fancy like that).

Similarly, iViper and iPowerhouse interact, creating great-looking uniform numbers when left and right are combined.

New iViper and iPowerhouse Pre-Cut Number Fonts

Start offering your customers unique number combinations with these awesome pairs. Martin and Lewis had nothing on them!