The Importance of Color

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by Bella B., Web Marketing Intern

Order heat transfer material swatches to see the exact colors available.

Do you know the importance of the colors you select for your brand and for your garments? I did some research and found that certain colors trigger certain feelings and affect judgment. One particular article on examined the use of colors in logos and how it affects people’s opinions.

Brand personality is important and one of the best ways to get it across to your potential customers is through the color of your logo. Children as young as 8 years old are able to name logos of companies without even knowing what the companies do just because they recognize the logo and its colors. Each color triggers psychological feelings when being seen:

Yellow: Optimism, Clarity, Warmth

Orange: Friendly, Cheerful, Confidence

Red: Excitement, Bold, Youthful

Purple: Creative, Wise, Imaginative

Blue: Trust, Dependability, Strength

Green: Peaceful, Growth, Health

White: Balance, Neutral, Calm

For instance, Stahls’ logo is blue. When you see this logo we want you to feel loyalty, strength, dependability, and recognize us for this as a company. Other examples include Apple – white, UPS -yellow, and Hallmark – purple.

When choosing colors for your garments that target a particular gender it is important to keep these tips in mind:

• Males are attracted mostly to Blue, Green, and Black.

• Males prefer bold colors and darker-tinted colors.

• Females are attracted mostly to Blue, Purple, and Pink.

• Females prefer softer colors and lighter shades.

So, keep your audience and colors that will appeal to them in mind when choosing your company logo, garments, and designs.

The Art of Stock Art – Interview with Dane Clement

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    Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics    
Dane Clement, President of
Great Dane Graphics

Great Dane Graphics’ new website launched last week, bringing an updated look and new features that make searching for, ordering, and keeping track of stock art pieces easier than ever. We interviewed Dane Clement, founder and President of Great Dane Graphics and Vice President of Creative for GroupeSTAHL, about the new site and the stock art it provides.

How do you think the new site will improve your customers’ online experience?

We think the new will aid the customer in being able to find what they’re looking for much more easily. It’s much more organized and has a lot more functionality than our old site. There’s more detail listed on each product and piece of artwork and the search features are much more robust.


Why did you shift your focus from custom art to royalty-free stock art?

Our business focus shifted out of necessity at first. After hurricane Katrina destroyed the building we were in, we all went separate ways. We were in 3 different states for a long time. When that happened we just weren’t set up for custom artwork creation anymore. At that time we focused on Stock Art books and haven’t looked back. It’s been really great for us. We fill a need in the industry for production-ready full color art!

    BB30023 - American Baseball    
BB30023 – American Baseball from Stock Art Collection 1

What sets stock art from Great Dane Graphics apart from other artwork products?

Our artwork is different from everyone else’s. We create full color raster artwork which can be printed in a number of decorating techniques, i.e. screen printing (we have separations and a print spec sheet on the disk; the image can be printed in 1 color, 2 colors, or full color), Direct-to-Garment (we have a high resolution full color .png file with a transparent background), we have a file for print/cut (we add a bleed to the artwork itself so you don’t get that “sticker” look and we’ve already assigned the cut line to the file), we supply a file ready for textile transfers (for those using ink jet or laser printed transfers, we have a file ready for that), and finally, we have a vector drawing of every image on the disk already (for use with a vinyl cutter and heat press). So if the customer does any of those printing techniques, which are about “all” of the printing techniques out there, we offer artwork for it.


What pain points for decorators are addressed by your artwork?

We eliminate the need for the customer to do the production-ready files. Our art already has the production files on the disk for all of the above-mentioned printing techniques. This is a huge time saver for the customer. All they need to do is open our artwork in the program of their choice, Photoshop®, Illustrator®, or CorelDRAW®, add some type to make it their own, and print!

What advantages does an Extreme Access Pass (EAP) membership give?

Our EAP membership allows the customer to download all the new artwork we create and add to the site before the next book comes out. We will be launching Stock Art Book 5 in October this year at the SGIA show in Las Vegas. As we finalize the production files for these new images we will be adding them to the website. If a customer sees a new image they like, they can use the membership code to download the file right then – no need to wait until the next book comes out. When the new book does come out, we will discount the cost of the membership from the book, or they can renew their membership for another year and still have access to the new art that comes out then.

To order or learn more about Great Dane Graphics’ stock art, vector clip art, training books, and more, visit On the site, you can download a free sample of royalty-free stock art to try for yourself.


Find the Artwork You Need with Great Dane Graphics

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by Matt DeLaere, Marketing

The home page of the new and improved

Your total art department just got easier to use. Great Dane Graphics has launched a new website, making it easier than ever to find the artwork you need.

Founded by Dane Clement in 1991, Great Dane Graphics has long been recognized as a premier designer of custom and stock art for garment decoration. Whatever method you use, screen printing, DTG, dye sublimation, heat printing, or even embroidery, has affordable, easy-to-use artwork in several categories: raster stock art, cuttable clip art, digitized embroidery designs, and digital photo frames.

Also available on the site are artwork training books, gleaned from Dane’s years of consulting and offering seminars, that will teach you time-saving tips and take you step-by-step through the artwork preparation process. Plus, you’ll find helpful Raster Image Processing (RIP) and color separation software for screen printers.

This selection of artwork, training books, software, and more is now easier than ever to use:

MA30002 – Stock Art Collection 1
An example from Great Dane Graphics’ Stock Art Collections.
  • Download individual pieces of stock art instantly, using pre-purchased credits
  • Quickly and easily search all Great Dane Graphics artwork to find exactly what you need
  • Show your customers all of the artwork options available for their order
  • Easily track all your orders and downloads
  • Get access to all stock artwork with an Extreme Access Pass (EAP) membership (available with purchase of the full 4-volume Stock Art Collection)

See for yourself how Great Dane Graphics is your total art department – download a free stock art sample (in raster and vector formats) and get started now.